You start the carriage again, and a kind of savage bloodlust fills you as you run over Old Mister Nickelback. You laugh as you feel his bones crack beneath the wheels and his thin, watery blood splashes up on to your face. Ironically, you have never felt more alive than now, when you are crushing an old man to death.

After reversing over him a couple of times to make sure he’s really dead, you reattach Johnny Franzetta’s skull to his body. The skellington turns to look at you and gives you a thumbs up, even though it doesn’t have muscles and stuff. “Thank you, my friend!” cries Johnny Franzetta, as his soul flies towards Heaven. Meanwhile, the soul of Old Mister Nickelback goes straight to the Other Place – Evil Heaven.

With a creak of hinges, the doors of the Ghost Train swing open and your carriage trundles out into the bright afternoon daylight, the rotted corpse of Johnny Franzetta rattling along in the seat next to you. Your parents are standing on the pavement, smiling and waving at you.

“How was it?” they ask.

You smile and point at the century-old skellington, its bones yellowing in the bright glare of sunlight. “Let’s just say it was the ride… of a DEATHtime!”

Everybody laughs, and the three of you make your way to the Showbag Pavilion.

It’s been a great day at the Royal Easter Show.


Congratulations! You have made it through the mysteries of The Ghost Train! This terrifying Choose Your Own Adventure was written by Patrick Magee, who can be followed on Twitter or you can like his page on Facebook.


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