“Smackapoo!” you yell, excitedly.

The Agricultural District Exhibits are far and away the most exciting part of the entire Royal Easter Show. They are designed to display the wide variety of agricultural traditions across this great land of ours, and each district may only use produce that is grown in their region.

You squeal as excitedly as a prize-winning pig when you see the Northern District’s very strong showing in the peach division this year, and gasp in amazement at the way they’ve arranged a number of fruits and vegetables into the words I HOPE WE WIN THE COMPETITION.

The Central District have won the wool section – AS USUAL – and right in the centre of the Southern District’s display is a ginormous zucchini weighing 500kg. Amusingly, it looks a bit like a cock.

Frankly, it’s all too exciting for you, and you black out for a few seconds. When you come to, a mysterious hooded figure is standing over you.

“Johnny Franzetta!” you scream, and the figure nods.

“Remember your promise,” spooks the ghost, and fades away. Your father is standing over you, looking worried.

“Are you okay?” he enquires. You tell him that you are, and stand up. You’ve spent too much time in the exciting world of agricultural produce – it’s time to go and save the ghost of Johnny Franzetta.

As you and your parents walk out of the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome, an old man grips your arm, painfully.

“Did you say Johnny Franzetta?” he asks. “I haven’t heard that name in many years. Come with me.”

Do you go with the old man? Turn to page 10.

Or do you stick with your parents? Turn to page 11.


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