“Of course I’ll brush my teeth!” you yell. Dental hygiene is really so important, and you know you’ll be stuffing your face with all sorts of sugary treats today.

Your run back upstairs to the bathroom. As you scrub away at your pearly whites with your Batman tooth-brush, you notice a mysterious hooded figure standing behind you in the mirror. But this isn’t just any mysterious hooded figure – with a start, you realise you can see right through it!

“Oo arr oo?” you mumble, through a mouthful of Batman-flavoured toothpaste. The figure raises a hand.

“I am the ghost of Johnny Franzetta, former woodchopping champion at the 1919 Royal Easter Show, and my soul has known no peace for these last ninety-six years!”

“Wait a minute!” you ponder, having spat out and rinsed. “I thought the Royal Easter Show wasn’t held in 1919 because of the outbreak of Spanish flu?”

“That’s what they wanted you to think!” moans the ghost of Johnny Franzetta. “The only things that “flew” that year were all the souls that FLEW up to Heaven – except for mine! Will you help me find my eternal rest?”

His voice sounds desperate and a little bit entitled, like an old woman asking for her third free coffee at McDonald’s.

You think it over, and remember the old saying “a ghost in need is a ghost indeed!”.

Do you decide to help Johnny Franzetta? If so, turn to page 5.

Or would you prefer to ignore him? If so, turn to page 4.


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