As Baile: A Story

As Baile: A Story is my debut, self-published novel. It is based on the Irish Celtic myth of the Sons of Tuireann and is available from Amazon in paperback and ebook formats.

“Discovering Patrick Magee is like finding a young Rosemary Sutcliff,” Lucy EM Hunter

“A classic story with a modern voice, it carries the reader along on a journey about brothers, repentance, and stories themselves,” Clare Testoni

“The most unputdownable book I’ve read in years. Patrick Magee is a masterfully
lyrical writer, eruditely weaving a universe full of complex characters… order your first edition copy today, for bragging rights in the future!” Clare Evans

The Degustation Menu (second edition)

The Degustation Menu is a collection of short stories and poems. It is available from Amazon in ebook format.

“Reading Degustations is rather like coming across a gifted artist’s sketch pad and recognising the nascent beginnings of what later turned into masterpieces,” Lucy EM Hunter


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