Reviews & Awards

Pat & Carlo’s Incredibly Useful Adventures Through Time won the inaugural Golden Goose Award in 2013.

2010 Sticky Awards

  • Best Overall – Hing & Magee: Illustrious Physicians of Romance
  • Best Scripted Comedy Show – Hing & Magee: Illustrious Physicians of Romance
  • Best University Show – Hing & Magee: Illustrious Physicians of Romance

(The convenor of these awards is a man who would like to meet a trilobite)

“You can’t help but be impressed with the work Rebecca Martin and Patrick Magee have put into this play. Just learning the very wordy, conversational script is an achievement in itself; then there’s the energy required for what is basically an almost non-stop argument between two acutely dissatisfied lovers: both give genuinely convincing, edgy performances,” Michael Muir, altmedia

“Patrick Magee takes advantage of Ben’s understated staging to present him as on the brink of permanent shock. His initial response to the disaster that saved him is one of elation, and yet the gradual dawning of his ineffectual self is its own tragedy that Magee slow brings to his surface, culminating in a tantrum exposing him as the child he truly is,” Lisa Thatcher

“The role of Ben is played by Patrick Magee, whose comic timing is impeccable. He delivers the subtle and dark comedy with a gentle assuredness, careful to prevent funny moments from obfuscating his impressively earnest characterisation. Magee is a dynamic performer, and the enthusiasm at which he oscillates light and shade is thoroughly enjoyable,” Suzy Wrong, Suzy Goes See

“…the real standout for me was Patrick Magee. He shone in the smaller roles, particularly as the murderer plagued by conscience and as the triumphant Earl of Richmond. I saw someone in the audience physically fistpump when he declared that the day was won, and I understood the impulse. I’ll be interested to see what Magee does next,” Jodi McAlister, Theatre From The Back Seat

“Patrick Magee is the star of this show, frequently stealing the spotlight with bold, energetic performance,” Marcus Lambert, The Pun

“Patrick really was the star of the show, throwing himself energetically into new roles such as sleazy lawyer Tony Cray and bringing back old favourite the Time-o-naut,” Daniel Nicholls, The Groggy Squirrel

“Patrick Magee as Wilfrid Owen and Roger Gimblett as Siegfried Sassoon are in superlative form. Both build flesh and blood characters whose interaction is impeccably detailed,” Lindsay Clarke, theatreview

“Someone or something, maybe a cat, that pokes itself and howls, and then finds love,” Sidney Critic


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