Patrick Doublethreat Magee wants to be all the things.

His lack of focus combined with his evident talent for doing a number of things that hurt him both professionally and personally have led to the creation of this website, a nexus for all his procrastination and numerous anxiety disorders. However, with any luck this will turn out to be a Good Thing.

Patrick played the lead role of Dr Tom Gray in the direct-to-video feature film Gene-X. That’s right, direct-to-video, not DVD, video, despite the fact that the film was released in 2006, well after the advent of both DVD and the short-lived laserdisc formats.

As a comedian, Patrick has performed throughout NSW, the ACT and Victoria. He was a founding member of the presumably now defunct sketch troupe Comicide, and performed in their first two sell-out MICF shows, Death by Funny and Laugh Without Parole, the latter of which was subject to a police investigation due to an ill-advised marketing campaign. One time, he appeared in a bikini live at the Enmore Theatre after a drunken bet with Stephen K Amos the night before.

He is the other half of alternative comedy duo Hing & Magee, who have to date performed two sell-out shows at the Sydney Comedy Festival: Illustrious Physicians of Romance and Orientalism. However, due to the fact that Michael Hing is an irritatingly talented and hardworking young man, Hing & Magee is currently on indefinite hiatus.

Patrick is also a serious grown-up actor, and played the title role in the Tropfest winning short film Be My Brother. Due to inattentiveness on the part of various reviewers, he was incorrectly referred to as “Patrick Magee, a young actor with Down Syndrome.” As well as this, he was the first actor seen on screen in the cancelled television series COPS LAC, as Jimmy the Bag (a bagsnatcher) and played the role of Luke in a series of ads for Klosters, Newcastle and the Hunter’s largest integrated automotive group.

In 2012, Patrick performed his one-man stand-up show Do Not Trust The Animals at the Edinburgh Fringe. While it was widely panned by critics, it was also disliked by audiences, so in some ways I guess you can have it all. On returning to Australia, Patrick attached himself firmly to Carlo Ritchie’s coat-tails and developed the inadvertently award-winning impro format Pat & Carlo’s Incredibly Useful Adventures Through Time.

Patrick is an illustrator and graphic designer. Examples of his work can be found throughout this site. If you would like to hire him for anything (birthday parties, weddings, divorces) he is always available and eager to please. He has also written a novel, As Baile: A Story, and a collection of short stories, The Degustation Menu.

Thankyou for your time.


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