A Weekend Away

The following poems are inspired by The Forward Book of Poetry 2014and a recent holiday for one in Katoomba

Charlatan St John


two totemic pills
two thousand milligrams of quackery apiece
to soothe
my hands that flap like landed fish
or damaged moths
and to dampen down the buzz of regrets
that swarm and multiply inside the hollow of my head

when you loved me
it was easy to forget
that it’s the pills which made me strong

Lady Carrington Lookout

sandstone bearded with ancient trees
turned blue by distance and the eucalypt haze
that cascade down into a tumbled quilt
scratched by the sandy scars of landslips

I could jump from here and fall forever

if it wasn’t for the endless disgorge
of sunburnt Europeans
who jabber their way
to the end of the point
and pose for photos to prove
that they’ve been here
against the backdrop of the eucalyptus haze

When not remembering that he actually bloody loves poetry, Patrick Magee is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Nurzec-Stacja, within Siemiatycze County, Podlaskie Voivodeship, in north-eastern Poland. You can follow him on Twitter, like him on Facebook or buy his novel As Baile: A Story.


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