Breaking Bad – final scene shooting script

SPOILER ALERT: This script extract contains spoilers for Breaking Bad series five, episode 16 – Felina.


A masked police officer, gun raised, steps closer to Walt’s body. The officer lowers his mask, to reveal – HANK, wearing a false moustache.

He squints and tilts his head, looking at Walt’s beatific face, and suddenly –

FLASHBACK: S2E01 (“WALTER WHITE’S REMARKABLE ROBOT”) – A happier time. The WaltBot 3000 moves jerkily through the shoe store, buying a pair of sneakers far too small for his gigantic robot feet. Hank, Walt and Walt Jr. in the background, laughing, arms round each other’s shoulders. Hank is holding the WaltBot’s remote control.

CUT BACK TO: the meth lab. Hank lowers his gun and kneels down beside the body of his brother-in-law.

Almost too scared to look, Hank’s hand reaches out to Walt’s jawline. He tugs at the skin and –



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