An Unstable Doctor

As a special treat to celebrate the 49th anniversary of the children’s own programme that adults adore, I have decided to upload the extant pages of my thrilling first novel, An Unstable Doctor, for your perusal.

When was this written? Between 1994 and 1995, when I was 8. I was originally going to pitch it to Peter Darvill-Evans as a NA, but that all got scuppered when Chris Cwej and Roz Forrester replaced Ace. For a while, it had a lengthy introduction describing it as a “Missing New Adventure”.

Where does this fit into continuity? Well, Benny and Ace are aware of Romana, and vice versa, so it has to take place somewhere between Blood Harvest and Set Piece. It also deals with the thorny “Skaro blowing up” issue in a considerably more mature and comprehensible manner than John Peel ever did.

Is it any good? Oh God no. But it’s an incredible insight into the mind of a socially inept young boy whose number one desire is to see a story in which, to quote the Doctor, “to make these regenerations stable I’ll have to pick up six of my other selves, defeat all my old foes and then send the other six Doctors back to where I picked them up.” Beat that, Moffat!

The story so far: Onboard the TARDIS, the Seventh Doctor has begun regressing through his previous incarnations. His companions Ace and Benny are understandably concerned, and they are soon joined by another woman, who identifies herself as Lord President Romana of Gallifrey…

An Unstable Doctor


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